Museum Updates

The Murrieta Valley Historical Society  has accomplished a great new and exciting task. On Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 the Murrieta City Council voted 4-0 to approve a lease of the 1920’s historic Hunt House. Murrieta will now have their first offical museum.

Currently if you or a school tour needed information on Murrieta’s history the closest information would be the Temecula Museum. Not anymore.

The Hunt House needs major imporvements though before MVHS can open the doors to history. This is where this page comes in. Support local history by donating to Murrieta Musuem. More information and updates will be here shortly with what we need. Right now we do know that a new ADA approved ramp will need to be built as well as some basic imporvements.

Our goal is to open up to the public the day of Murrieta Fire & Rescue’s annual Firemans BBQ in April 2018.  With the help of you we can make this happen.

Why history?

When we learn about history we become a witness, able to tell the next generation the story so they too can bear witness. Murrieta is no exception. While we have no museum (that’s about to change) it doesn’t stop Murrieta from having vast information that you can become a witness to.

Become a witness and help support this museum for our future generations to come. 


June 2018:

We are in the building. The keys are ours and we’ve begun fixing up the Hunt House.
Board members and their families have worked hard on getting the building in good shape. (roof, extieror painting, etc)
We had amazing help from a local church who came in to paint the interior walls.
The ADA ramp is currently out for bids. We are working with the city. Once the ramp is built we will begin moving supplies, furniture in, etc.
There is currently no opening date set until the ADA ramp is installed.
We will still need donations to help us continue this process.

December 2017:

Hello everyone and thank you for supporting our cause. For more clarification we will be using the funds for the following: 1. Monthly utilities 2. Glass cases for exhibits 3. Duplicate copies of photos 4. Office supplies And most importantly a new ADA ramp that we will need to construct. These funds will go directly to these items. If it changes for whatever reason we will post on here. All funds will go to the Murrieta Museum / Hunt House restoration. If you care to become a member or donate to other Murrieta Historical Society causes please go to our website. Thank you!