Murrieta Historical Society


Murrieta Valley Historical Society Goals

The Murrieta Valley Historical Society met on August 8, 2016, for a goal setting meeting. We used a rapid-fire technique answering simple answers on a time limit (this helps stop critical thinking and into community needs). From there we established what our goals were and broke them down into four parts (Immediate, One/Two Years, Five/Ten Years, & Ten/Twenty Years). We strive on positive goals and relationships to protect our local history. While we know that not all goals will be met and not all history can or will be saved we will do to so.

We hope to conduct focus groups and surveys in the near future to give each of you a voice in our society because it is YOU who support your local history and together we will be the voice of those who have come before us and who will come after us.

Thank you!

Questions we answered:

  1. Define a successful historical society?
  2. If time, money, and resources weren’t a barrier what would you like to see MVHS accomplish?
  3. What is Murrieta lacking historically?

Immediate Goals-2016:

*Establish & maintain an effective way of communication among city officials & council                                       members

*Increase our memberships

*Obtain full oral history videos (We are working with the Murrieta Public Library)

*Persuade city from renaming Downtown

*Preservation of historical sites (documents, registration and working with owners)

*Host presentations at city council and city facilities

*Maintain a strong assertive board of directors and members

*Social media videos (3 minutes)


One to Two-year Goals 2017-2019 Goals:

*Create a sense of pride among community regarding local history

*Funds for local history and schools: Grants/sponsors

*Cohesive plan for further development

*E-commerce web page

*Events for downtown (Pioneer days)

*Temporary Museum/ Hunt house or Stud Farm

*Location consistency for meetings

*Distribution of information

*Documentation backup

*Maintaining Google drive

*Timeless/strong brand

*Walking brochures

*Historical Monuments


Five to Ten year Goals 2020-2030 Goals:

*Educate public about Murrieta History

*Encourage younger generations to be involved (speaking at schools)

*Store front (Downtown area)

*Arches or something similar along Jefferson that would lead traffic towards

Downtown area

*After School history club and summer camps

*Stud Farm repairs

*Full time staff (Graphic designer, Archivist and virtual assistant)


Ten to Twenty year Goals 2030-2050:

*Scholarships for next generations

*Museum on 2nd Ave

*Amphitheater/Garden/Historic village

*Re build Fountain house/Train Depot

*School bus funds for transportations or Museum on wheels to schools

*Please remember the following goals are NOT listed in order of importance*