Murrieta Historical Society


Introducing the founding board members of the Murrieta Valley Historical Society. Each one is dedicating to preserving Murrieta’s history for future generations.
While not all history can be saved they are proud to be the ones documenting and preserving the vast richness this valley has.


The founding board of the Murrieta Valley Historical Society
The original historical board in 2016.
The historical board and directors as of the Murrieta Museum’s grand opening 2019.

Jenny Mayoral (Treasure):

Jenny was raised in Murrieta and helped her family run the family business at an early age. Later Jenny became a caregiver to her father, a Vietnam Veteran, and is a mother to two daughters and wife to a very helpful husband (he volunteered his time in repairing the Hunt House for the museum). Jenny now continues on the role of the selfless caregiver as an aide to special needs students in one of our local schools. She loves her community and is proud to help preserve its history for her children and future generations.
Historic Fact: Jenny was a driving force in the clean up efforts of Ray’s Cafe and the Lakeman House. Between her, her husband, and children they put in many, many hours which helped the society recover thousands of documents, photographs, and artifacts relating to Murrieta’s History.  

Jeffery Harmon (President):

Jeffery was born and raised in Torrance, CA.   His parents moved to Temecula in 1987.   Jeffery and his wife, Michelle, settled in Murrieta in 1995.   He taught in the Lake Elsinore Unified School District for ten years, teaching Social Studies and Language Arts.  Currently, he is a Certified Substitute Teacher for the Murrieta Valley Unified School District awaiting his next classroom assignment. He is one of the founders of the Historic Route 395 Association.   For the past seventeen years, he has been a Southwest Riverside County historian, researcher, and author.

Historic Fact: He has penned every Murrieta Valley Historical Society’s Newsletter since the society’s founding. He also has been seen on the Facebook Page Murrieta Lifestyles acting as Murrieta’s historian with host Tony Trafton. 

Annette Jennings (Vice President):
Life-long Murrieta resident Annette has been coordinating parades and events for more than 30 years, has worked for the City of Murrieta coordinating city events, and has been a parade coordinator for a top parade management company for over 15 years. Her work includes the Murrieta Fire Department’s (later City of Murrieta) Food and Toy Drive where she would coordinate holiday donations for over 200 families a year and the inaugural City of Murrieta’s Veteran’s Parade in 2003 (until 2008).
Historic Fact: Annette was the president of Murrieta’s 4-H club, the Livewires. She loved to ride horses in the moonlight and down in the riverbed. This cowgirl married the motorcycle riding boy next door, like a true country love story. 

 Carol Sierra (Secretary):

Connie McCain (Director):

Al Vollbrecht (Director):

Pat Jennings:
As a life-long Murrieta resident, Pat is most notably recognized as retired Deputy Fire Chief for the Murrieta Fire Department. Serving his community for more than 28 years Pat has a vast knowledge of the department’s history as well as other notable Murrieta timelines. During his time with the Murrieta Fire Department Pat saw the department grow into five fire stations as well as a successful EMS-ran department thanks to Pat himself. Pat also has knowledge of Native American history and local sites. One of his many passions is documenting rock art throughout the valley. You can see Pat fixing up the Hunt House in preparation for the first official Murrieta Museum and conducting oral history interviews.
Historic Fact: Pat used to belong to a Murrieta motorcycle group called Knights MC. A group of around seven guys. He fell in love with the girl next door and the rest was…. well, history.

Ashley Bigay:
Ashley was raised in Murrieta alongside three generations of Murrieta natives and many stories of Murrieta’s past. You can see her work here on the Murrieta Valley Historical Society’s website as well as some marketing materials. Ashley works full time in the city and volunteers her time helping the society out when she can. Ashley also moderates the historical society’s goal meetings helping the board think quickly and out of the box to ensure a smooth and organized meeting. Because of this, the society was able to narrow down goals and help make preserving Murrieta’s history more efficient.
Historic Fact: Ashley calls her childhood the “orange cone era” since every school she attended (and city in general) was under construction to make way for Murrieta’s growing population. What she misses the most was the yellow barn where Mulligan’s now stands.   

Mission Statement:
It is our mission to identify, preserve and promote the historic legacy of the Murrieta Valley and to educate the public about its historical significance. History:

MVHS Current Accomplishments:

  • 2016: Society formed and then unearthed a 25-year-old cityhood time capsule.
  • 2016: Began collecting oral history interviews including the first Murrieta Mayor.
  • 2017: Cleaned the historic Ray’s Cafe & Lakeman House property. We recovered thousands of photographs, documents, and artifacts related to Murrieta’s history.
  • 2017: Began historic presentations in partnership with the Murrieta Public Library.
  • 2018: Established the first official Murrieta Museum, a Center of Culture and History.